ACT UP London is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic, along with the broader inequalities and injustices that perpetuate it.

In the fourth decade of this crisis, we fight to ensure comprehensive and easily accessible treatment for all people, in all countries.  This includes not only medications but also mental and social health services as well as housing and economic equality.  Here in the UK, we are united with the coalition of activists fighting to keep our National Health Service free, publicly run, and fully funded.

In a time of rising infection rates, we challenge anyone who would hinder or cut back on life-saving services around safer sex, education, clean needles and all other HIV prevention measures.

And in a time of continuing stigma, silence, and isolation, we combat discrimination against and promote the visibility and leadership of those living with HIV and AIDS.

Remembering that HIV & AIDS is foremost a political crisis, as well as a medical emergency, we will use every means possible to call out and contain this pandemic.

We are STILL not silent.

 If you would like to be involved please email actuplondonhealthcareforall@gmail.com to register your interest. 


** We are united in solidarity with other organizations around the world, including:

 ACT UP New York (www.actupny.org),

ACT UP Paris (www.actupparis.org),

Treatment Action Campaign – South Africa (www.tac.org.za),

& all those committed to combatting the crisis.

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