‘World AIDS Day #HIVisible ACTUP demo in London was pure joy! ‘

‘The 2020 World AIDS Day ACTUP demo in London was pure joy. Reigniting AIDS activism beyond 01 Dec & remembrance on World AIDS Day. Our work is far from done, HIV/AIDS stigma is real and it’s here. Next year is 40 years since the first reported AIDS cases. We must remember those we have lost, and look to the future, working together to create a world free of HIV stigma.’ Shamal Waraich

Thank you to our amazing Stephen Hart for this lovely video with all the powerful speeches 🙂

Inspired by our amazing speakers Silvia PetrettiPhidelma Neo Moepi, Tresca Wilson, Ejel Khan, Patrick Richard, Paolo Zeriali, Shamal Waraich and MC Jaroslaw Ploszajski Kubiak clarity came to douse the flames of hypocrisy at how the AIDS pandemic, with 38 million dead people across the world, needs to be at the forefront of fighting COVID.

Nothing can be analysed in a vacuum and everything is political. As Silvia Petretti said so well, if the AIDS pandemic affected rich white straight men then a vacinne would be found within a year – and ooooh look whats happened.

A joy to be united in anger with AIDS COALITION TO UNLEASH POWER once again. Until there healthcare for all. A Luta Continua!

Thank you to all the organisers, Mike for all the photos, everyone who came and to Luca Modesti and all at HIVisible! The action was part of a international movement.

Amazing opportunity to see my best friends again and the living proof that the Covid crisis will not divide us.’ Paolo Zeriali

‘A true reminder that we are stronger together!’ Stephen Hart

‘A superb evening of Activism, education and family time.’ Tresca Wilson

‘Solidarity with the global movement. Commemorating and remembering 🙏❤️‘ Ejel Khan.

‘A beautifully diverse range of people brought together and inspirational speakers that spoke from the heart.’ Naomi Halcyon

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ Margaret Mead

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