ACT UP LONDON FLASHMOB – Get involved! #HIVisible 2gether


To mark World AIDS Day (Dec 1st) on Thursday 3rd December at 5pm at Trafalgar Square, Central London – #HIVisible 2gether – Please do just turn up! (RSVP to – See map here. Sign up to the facebook event here

This year ACT UP London will participate to #HIVisible, a flashmob taking place in several cities worldwide. Come with your friends and lovers, wear your slogan on your masks and sit with us on a long red fabric for an iconic photo-statement and listen from keynote HIV activists including the following legends!

Husseina Hamza

Husseina Hamza is the chair and co-founder of Red Ribbon Living Well. Red Ribbon is a volunteer community organisation for individual affected and living with HIV IN SOUTH EAST LONDON. I have worked with Africa Advocacy Foundation an NGO community organisation for the past 13 years. Started as a volunteer, Peer Support Group Coordinator& Community Outreach worker, Husseina works to empower BAME individuals and families experiencing multiple disadvantages and barriers including ill health, poverty, deprivation, violence, isolation and those relating to language, culture, faith or other social issues. Communities in London who are affected by a range of issues including sexual and reproductive health, violence against women and girls, female genital mutilation (FGM) and mental health issues.

Husseina is a patients Advocate representing the voice of others who may not have come to terms with their life challenges. Husseina has been involved in many initiatives for patients including HIV& Ageing, training, research on women, peer mentoring and leadership. She is a strong community advocate played a leadership role within various community groups for many years and uses her experience as a Muslim Woman to influence attitudes and reduce HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination within the faith communities in London.

Ejel Khan – Muslim LGBT Network

The Muslim LGBT+ Network Coordinator Ejel Khan was honoured with a podcast on Us People and biography on Rainbow Hub celebrating BAME LGBTQ+ icons for Black History Month. He had been instrumental in representing Muslim LGBT Network during the Black Lives Matter campaign in his home town of Luton.

Andria Mordaunt

Andria began AIDS activism in 1988, when she helped set up mainliners, the UK’s first support group for HIV-affected drugs users. She then worked as THT’s drugs counselling officer for 3 years. It was during those years, that she was most involved with act.Up 1: when the onslaught of dying coworkers and friends was non-stop & relentless. Harm reduction, I.E. Access to clean needles, condoms and heroin substitutes is the best way to prevent hiv in injectors/slammers and she has literally gone all over the world promoting it, with her focus being the self-organisation of x/current injection drugs users, including in her msc dissertation (2004). When her life partner died from AIDS in 1995, she founded the John Mordaunt Trust, a peer support and advocacy project for daily drug users, to honour John’s memory. This became political rapidly leading her to drug policy reform internationally. Still in ACT UP she has been most active in highlighting HCV which numerically is more of a threat to idus. Andria also has a 10 yr old daughter milly, who keeps her on her toes more than even ACT UP can! Contact Andria on

Neo Moepi

I am Neo Moepi, I work as a Women’s Project coordinator at Positively UK, the national peer led organisation that provide supports and enable people living with HIV to have the knowledge, confidence and connections to increase their health and quality of life.

I joined Positively UK in 1998 as a participant and later as a volunteer in 2001 working in finance administrative Role. In 2003 I volunteered in the Community Development Project providing education about HIV and treatment to University students., Also Volunteering in the Taking Part Project which was aimed at challenging policies to include People living with HIV in decision making that about their care.

Most recently I became involved in the co-co-founding of the Catwalk4Power a Project that aimed at empowering and increasing visibility and voices of women with HIV to be heard and later became a paid coordinator of the project. I have strutted in all Catwalks From Brixton, Amsterdam, Brighton, Manchester and MoreI have also worked as Positive Talks project, which provided support and to improve the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing of Women living with HIV concurrently with The Catwalk4Power.

I am also a Member of the 4M Network, a project that provides Support women with HV to understand and fulfil their reproductive rights through preconceptions, pregnancy and beyond. I am a multi tasker like that, a mother of 3 and I have been living with HIV for 23 years.

Silvia Petretti

Silvia Petretti is Positively UK’s CEO, a national peer lead organisation that uses peer led interventions to enable people living with HIV to have the knowledge, confidence and connections to increase their health and quality of life.

Silvia joined Positively UK in 1999 as a volunteer in the Community Development Team, providing treatment information to women attending HIV clinics. Soon, she became a staff member leading on support for women with drug and alcohol issues and providing outreach in Holloway prison. Since then, Silvia has worked in many roles – from setting up PozFem, the first national women’s network, developing new activists through the Taking Part Project and the recent Changing Perceptions campaign. Silvia has been living with HIV for 22 years. Contact Silvia on

Jonathan Blake

Jonathan Blake trained as Actor Rose Bruford 1967-1970 and worked as Actor 1970 -1981. Jonathan was diagnosed HTLV3 (now HIV) in October 1982 at Middlesex Hospital. L1 was his hospital number and was the first diagnosis @ Middlexsex Hospital. Jonathan attempted Suicide December 1982 but couldn’t go through with it. He decided to attempt to rejoin society despite feeling as a modern day leper with this killer virus coursing through my veins: Went to join “Gays for a Nuclear free Future” on their Stand together round Greenham Common, Aldermarston & Burghfield with coach leaving from ‘Gay the Word’ on Marchmont St All Fools Day 1st April 1983. Jonathan met his Future Partner that day Nigel Young and has been together now 35 years. With him he Joined Lesbians & Gaymen Support the Miners June 1984 where Jonathan Blake, Mike Jackson, Gethin Roberts and others documented in the film ‘Pride’ and will forever be LEGENDS.

Patrick Braithwaite 

Patrick Is an aspiring barrister, activist and ACT UP campaigner with a special interest in mental health and addiction within marginalised communities. Patrick helped organise the first Queer Spirit festival and subsequently became a member of the Radical Faeries. Patrick is a founding member of FAENA, a sub group within the faeries dedicated to addiction. Contact Patrick on

To overcome HIV stigma and transform an entire imaginary, we need the visibility of an entire community. We want to amplify the often muted voices of people living with HIV and remember how HIV cannot remain invisible, especially in a time of unprecedented global health and economic crisis. We want to reclaim access to health services and fight for the NHS ‘Until there is Healthcare for All’.Government inaction has caused millions of deaths throughout the global AIDS pandemic and we don’t want to see the same greed and inequality happen continue in the Corona pandemic.

Please join us this World AIDS Day (Thursday 3rd). Let’s unite and mobilise (and stand in twos – two meters apart from each other)!
#ActUpLondon #HIVisible#ACTupFightBackFightAIDS

If you would like to be involved please email to register your interest.▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴
www.actuplondon.wordpress.comACT UP London is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic, along with the broader inequalities and injustices that perpetuate it.

And in a time of continuing stigma, silence, and isolation, we combat discrimination against and promote the visibility and leadership of those living with HIV and AIDS.Remembering that HIV & AIDS is foremost a political crisis, as well as a medical emergency, we will use every means possible to call out and contain this pandemic.
We are STILL not silent.If you would like to be involved please email to register your interest.▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴
#HIVisible – 2gether is episode 2 of the cycle of performative acts “A proudly POZ revolution” and represents the transition from individual action to a collective revolution.

This action was born out of a collaboration between the dragtivist Paula Lovely, the artist Teresa Fabião and the collective White Rabbits – ARTivists against Serophobia. This action aims to create a worldwide platform for sero-involved activists & artists, to build transnational community awareness and remind the world that HIV+ people exist.
This World AIDS Day week, in several cities around the world, we’ll show our proudly positive bodies, our needs, our desires, our beauty and our power. Write to to find out how to join or organise #HIVisible – 2gether in your city.▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴
Paula Lovely is a dragtivist willing to restore centrality to HIV+ bodies.

In 2017, she started a political and performative path of self-determination with “Fuck me I’m Poz” at the Festival Anormales, went on with “Facing Taboo, a Drag Novel” – a sero-proud show performed with Conigli Bianchi at International AIDS Society conference in Amsterdam in 2018 – and culminates with the creation of the series “A proudly POZ revolution”. In 2019 she was Grand Marshal of the 20th LGBTI + Pride March in Lisbon and the protagonist of the film “Un giorno felice” by Francesco Tavoloni.She believes that liberation movements born from individual creations can grow, express themselves and make sense only when they transform and branch out allowing other voices and stories to come to light.▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴

Teresa Fabião is a dancer, teacher and researcher in dance. Her mission is to reconnect people with the wisdom of their bodies and their creative expression.

Born in Portugal, in Brazil she obtained a PhD in Performing Arts and a Masters in Dance. Collaborating researcher at the Center for Communication and Society Studies – University of Minho, graduated in expressive arts at the Tamalpa Institute (California), she performed / taught in Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Italy. Member of the International Community of Women Living with HIV, she collaborates regularly with Seres, the only association in Portugal for women living with HIV.Recently contemplated by the European Union’s EYE Program, with a project for inclusion and holistic health through expressive arts / dance, aimed at the HIV community.▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴ ▴

Please join us for this World AIDS Day. Let’s unite and mobilise (and stand in twos – two meters apart from each other)!

Spread the word! Thanks, ACT UP LONDON! X

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