HIV / HEP Blind Date – World AIDS Day Special! Tickets Now On Sale! :)

‘HIV – HEP Blind Date show – World AIDS Day Special!’ – Please get your tickets here – £5 early-bird discount now on sale!

Show starts 6pm on Sunday December 1st at REDON, The Railway Arches, Cambridge Heath Road, London 

‘I’ve been on the job for twenty five years, I’m a real king pin at the home office. Perfect raid record, unbeaten personal targets. I. Am. The Border. Of. This. Country. All of the contestants are potential targets because frankly the last sort of migrants we want in this country are HIV positive migrants.’ HIV / HEP Blind Date Contestant 2 ‘Border Control’

‘Exit from Fear – Let the Love Shine Through’ is this year’s special themed show World AIDS Day’ dating show. Through contests, performances, surprises, satire, quiz shows, dance party tunes by special guests DJ Mica Coca, DJ Miss K G and soul singer Jordan Charles – all supported by our fabulous glamorous assistants and our Graham with his quick reminders – we confront the barriers that stop us all loving ourselves, admiring each other and thriving in our communities.

Anthony Browne the former aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson said ‘African immigration has overtaken gay sex as the main cause of HIV in Britain’ . With bigoted comments like this Government’s Hostile Environment that regularly detains HIV+ migrants without access to medication – want us turn against each other and hide away in fear – but we won’t let it happen. 

This is a celebration of LOVE, UNITY and COMMUNITY for everyone who deserves it particularly those on the frontline of hostile stigma and austerity. Come and join us and make love shine in all our lives. 

THANK YOU to all the amazing social justice movements involved in the creation of the show.

Doctors should never become border agents, all patients should be treated equally and healthcare is a human right for all. 

ACT UP! FIGHT BACK! UNTIL THERE IS HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! TICKETS HERE:  Unwaged / Early Bird – £5 Broke £7.50 Standard £10 Solidarity £15. A large handful of free tickets are for HIV+ migrants and for HIV+ people struggling with housing. If this is you and / or you have any issues being able to afford the ticket please email us ASAP. /

Please email for all press enquiries, collaborations and any questions.

We are a grassroots not for profit theatre project and are currently raising money to support our costs – please support with anything you can here – much appreciated and spread the word!  facebook event page here – see our 2018 highlights here!

ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is fully accessible. There will be Cilla’s glamorous assistants at your service all night should you need anything.

PROFITS: All profits go to ‘Camp Kiki – The House of Transcendence’ – a new UK based retreat for transgender people from the African and Caribbean Diaspora – and to Positively UK Hardship Support Scheme – The Hardship Support Scheme provides financial support to help people living with HIV in times of crisis.

If you have issues being able to afford to attend this event EMAIL US and we will sort it. Let us know and we will add you to our list.

Paying forward/drinks tickets for people in the asylum process or those who are homeless will be available on the night.

Got a question or want to be involved? Please email us at Photos from ‘HIV / HEP Blind Date 2018’ credit – Ray Malone.


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