‘Sexual Health Services are being cut to the bone’ and ACT UP ain’t gonna stand for it!

‘The whole team at Redon were HONOURED to have you rock our worlds and bloody eck was your ‘HIV / HEP Blind Date’ performance as a collective sexy, inspirational and downright FAB!! LOVE LOVE LOVE indeed!  Massive HUMONGOUS thank YOU to the act up team and everyone involved put on a memorable performance that we were proud to be part of!’ X x xx x x x. Xx Redon team

‘Sexual Health Services are being cut to the bone’ (Guardian 2019) and ACT UP ain’t gonna stand for it! – Happy 2019 and How to get involved!

Sexual health services are being “cut to the bone”, according to research which has triggered warnings that more sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies will follow. Analysis by the King’s Fund has found that efforts to promote safe sex among groups most at risk, including young people and gay men, have been hardest hit as local councils in England have spent less as ministers slash their public health grants.

2018 was another mega year for our ACT UP LONDON family.

Some of the highlights included the Springtime launch of ‘The Catwalk for Power, Resistance and Hope’ by ACT UP Women and Positively UK which was so glorious it was then a key highlight at the Summer’s International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam and there are now plans to have 3 more in 2019! We also had the wild London Launch party for 120 BPM to shine a light on AIDS activism in the UK – see ‘Giant condoms and buckets of fake blood: the true story of AIDS activists ACT UP’ . As Summer began we made sure to harness this energy and focused our attention on the institutions such as Virgin Care who were behind the privatisation and destruction of the National Health Service with the launch of the ‘NHS Anti-Swindle Team’. A few months later in June we then held an alternative NHS birthday party –  to protest privatisation and challenge the Trumpification / Americanisation and privatisation of healthcare – on the steps of the NHS England offices see ‘NHS’ 70th birthday inspires protests across the UK’. The Redfish grassroots report – Death by a thousand cuts : The great NHS Swindle was launched the next month. Into Autumn and we occupied the VIP carpet of the premier of the Bohemian Rhapsody film which blasted messages like ‘NHS – Under pressure’ and ‘Freddie was an HIV* Migrant’ throughout the media. Last but not least in honour of our incredible ACT UP art-ivist Jacob Alexander we held a political vigil in honour of his legacy which led to his brilliant Mum speaking at our annual ACT UP World AIDS Day Show ‘HIV / HEP Blind Date’ pumping the crowd up with love, empowerment and strength for another year of fighting HIV stigma and building for healthcare for all!


‘The Catwalk for Power, Resistance and Hope’ by ACT UP Women and Positively UK

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that led to the modern ‘Pride’ movement, the 40th anniversary of the Radical Faeries (a haven for the HIV / AIDS community) and so be sure to mark the occasion by getting involved and protect healthcare for all!

We meet on the first Tuesday evening of every month in accessible venues. Please email actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com for the details of this Tuesday 8th January. We are meeting at ‘The Canvas Cafe’ 42 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL – downstairs. Unfortunately the venue is not fully accessible. We apologies about this. All out future meetings will be.


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