‘HIV / HEP Blind Date 2018’! THANK YOU! Videos / Photos / Fundraiser / Where Next?

‘HIV / HEP Blind Date 2018’! THANK YOU! Videos / Photos / Fundraiser / Where Next?

 WE HAD A LORRA LORRA LAFFS at the FABULOUSNESS that was ‘HIV / HELP Blind Date – 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day Special’

On December 2nd 2018 Act Up London and the NHS Anti-Swindle Team marked the 30th Anniversary of World Aid’s Day and pay tribute to HIV+ activist and artist Jacob Alexander. Rest in Power Jacob Alexander! MEGA LOVE to everyone who made it happen – the set designers, the contestants, Cilla, Cilla’s gimps, the glamorous assistants, performers, the REDON crew and everyone who came to SHARE THE LOVE FOR OUR COMMUNITY!’

All profits went to The Positive Project set up by Jacob’s incredible Mum Jacqueline Stringer and to the Positively UK Hardship Support Scheme that provides financial support to help people living with HIV in times of crisis. 


Donate – Did you enjoy ‘HIV / HEP Blind Date? WE SURE DID AND HOPE YOU DID TOO! We need £500 to cover all costs including props, travel costs for all our volunteers, lunch for our crew and of course lots of glamorous assistant outfits. Please support our fundraiser by clicking and donating here

Where Next? ACT UP LONDON’s next meetings in 2019 are every 2nd Tuesday of each month starting at 8th January! Start the year with a bang and be part of the ACT UP fabulous family and change the world for the better – everyone welcome! Keep your eye on our ‘get involved’ page.

Contact – actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com. All details on our website . Video below produced by the amazing Paolo Zeriali. 

Photo credit: Ray Malone


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