Please support us to raise £500 for ‘HIV / HEP Blind Date’ FABULOUSNESS! :)

HIV Blind Date show and World AIDS Day 30th Birthday Party!

Please click here to donate to our fundraiser 

Unfortunately in 2018 the fight to end HIV / AIDS is far from over. In this small corner of the world here in East London we are witnessing tragic unnecessary deaths due to the stigma and internalised stigma which arise from living with HIV+ which are only made worse by the huge Government cuts to HIV education and prevention services. So often, we are stigmatised in our society; treated as passive recipients of resources, or silenced and invisibilised altogether.

So this year ACT UP LONDON are back with sequinned a vengeance with our infamous show ‘HIV Blind Date’ and we need a bit of your support to make it happen – See the fun from HIV Blind Date 2015!

2.12.18 7 – 12pm at Redon, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9HA Bethnal Green, London, UK.  Book your tickets here

This year is the 30th anniversary of ‘World AIDS Day’ and we want to celebrate how far we have come and build power for how far we need to go to end the HIV epidemic.

“People living with HIV are terribly impacted by mental health problems, according to  Positive Voices  a research by PHE: 40% of people with HIV have received a mental health diagnosis, and loneliness and isolation have been identified as critical issues affecting quality of life. The cuts which have caused the closure of so many HIV social support services, mean that many people are facing mental health crisis alone with no hope of accessing life saving support. “  Silvia Petretti, Interim CEO,  Positively UK

ACT UP LONDON and all involved in ‘HIV Blind Date’ are volunteers. We need £500 to make some swanky-ass props including a giant NHS-destroying Richard Branson cardboard cut-out and lots of tomatoes (you get the idea), a Truvada wrestling pit (fighting for PREP for all), pay our DJ’s a London Living Wage and of course lots of glamorous assistant outfits.  

TICKETS: Unwaged £5 Broke £7.50 Standard £10 Solidarity £15. A large handful of free tickets are for HIV+ migrants and for HIV+ people struggling with housing. If this is you and / or you have any issues being able to afford the ticket please email us ASAP. Book your tickets here
PROFITS: All profits go to the ongoing development of Jacob’s charity – the ”The Positive Project’and to his favourite charity ‘St Stephens HIV & Aids research
Paying forward/drinks tickets for people in the asylum process or those who are homeless will be available on the night. Please email to get further information / press requests and any donations!

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