ACT UP LONDON are hiring 2 X Network Developers!


CONTRACT TYPE – Self employed consultancy

JOB TITLE – ACT UP LONDON Network developer

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS – Friday 30th June 12 noon

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ACT UP LONDON Network Developer: Job Description for 2 roles for 1 day per week from August 2017 – February 2018 and then February 2018 – August 2018.Pls state which period you prefer. Initial hand-over training will be a few evenings at the end of July 2017.


ACT UP LONDON are seeking two talented Network Developers to help grow our movement at a critical and exciting time. We have a strong preference for people living with or affected by HIV or HCV. All information about applicant will be kept confidential and password protected, as we understand the need for confidentiality and safety. Both roles will be employed as network developers, working ten hours per week for six months on a London living wage of £9.75 per hour. The role is virtual office based, but regular attendance for meetings and activities in London will be required.


ACT UP London is a HIV+ led, diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic, along with the broader inequalities and injustices that perpetuate it.

In the fourth decade of this crisis, we fight to ensure comprehensive and easily accessible treatment for all people, in all countries. This includes not only medications but also mental and social health services as well as housing and economic equality. Here in the UK, we are united with the coalition of activists fighting to keep our National Health Service free, publicly run, and fully funded.

In a time of rising infection rates, we challenge anyone who would hinder or cut back on life-saving services around safer sex, education, clean needles and all other HIV prevention measures. And in a time of continuing stigma, silence, and isolation, we combat discrimination against and promote the visibility and leadership of those living with HIV and AIDS. remembering that HIV & AIDS is foremost a political crisis, as well as a medical emergency, we will use every means possible to call out and contain this pandemic.

We are STILL not silent.

Act UP LONDON 2017 – 2018 Mission is –

  • Energise and develop our key campaigns – (1)ACT UP Women (2) Pharma Greed Kills ( and (3) Challenging the austerity cuts to HIV services and fighting for PrEP
  • Continue developing a legacy of branded ACT UP LONDON high profile imaginative and creative actions to challenge pharmaceutical greed, HIV-phobia and the root causes of the HIV Crisis – whereby ACT UP LONDON is known as a grassroots group to consult with on creative activism.
  • Support a radical coalition between HIV / Hepatitis/ Cancer including a training and action programme alongside ‘Just Treatment – A movement to defend the NHS and secure fair access to medicines’ (
  • Continue developing the culture of ‘Art – Ivism’ whereby our ACT UP LONDON artist collective generates and exhibits a series of campaign orientated collections.

ACT UP LONDON Network Developer Outline

Job roles

  • Develop and energise an ACT UP LONDON timetabled campaign strategy (see mission above) using the S.M.A.R.T. framework [].
    Act as the first port of call for media enquiries, as well as lead on outgoing communications and development of media to communicate ACT UP London’s actions, events and messaging.
  • Answering a general / press enquiries ACT UP LONDON phone.
  • Produce a monthly ACT UP LONDON newsletter. Keeping the network in contact with each other. For obvious campaign-security reasons it is not always easy to communicate certain things between the groups.
  • Support the organisation and hosting of ACT UP London workshops and outreach events, including identification of venues, speakers and facilitators. This is very important because we often start new groups off the back of these kinds of invitations.
  • Updating and maintaining a database of contacts.
  • Attending all relevant Positively UK / ACT UP Womens / Just Treatment meetings to keep the network in contact with the other HIV+ healthcare campaigns.
  • Support and mentor the volunteer coordinator(s) for ACT UP Women
  • Build effective relationships with allies. Including through attending relevant healthcare and civil disobedience gatherings to keep ACT UP LONDON well networked within the healthcare direct action movement.
  • Attending at least one UKCAB (HIV treatment advocates network – national meeting per quarter and being on the UKCAB national organising email list.
  • Supporting fundraising efforts – Helping the ACT UP LONDON Fund raising group for the ACT UP LONDON network.


The Campaign Organiser will need three critical skill-sets: (1) Campaign communications (2) Campaign Organising (3) Digital technology – Strong candidates will be skilled in all three areas. We also encourage candidates to apply who don’t have deep expertise in all three areas, but have exceptional skills in one or two areas, and the hunger and aptitude to learn the other areas quickly.

Essential Skills:

  • The ability to communicate effectively with a diversity of groups, people and audiences and within a range of situations and environments.
  • The ability to develop good working relations with co-campaigners and activists.
  • The ability to work effectively with a diversity of people Basic IT skills (internet, email, word processing, database, PowerPoint)
  • Flexible life situation with the ability to travel regularly, work from home and attend meetings outside of office hours.
  • Effective at integrating online communications and social media organising with face to face organising
  • Experienced in using social media for campaigning, and using digital tools for social media management and content creation
  • A powerful writer for popular audiences, especially short and grabby email actions
  • Can plan and manage complex projects independently to deadlines
  • Thrives in a virtual office and can be highly focussed and productive in a home office or a communal work hub

Desirable Skills:

  • Understanding of key health and HIV policy and politics
  • A confident press manner
  • Advanced IT skills
  • Good connections within other activist groups and campaigning organisations.
  • A good knowledge of the ACT UP LONDON campaign to date.
  • Understanding of framing and values in political communications
  • Good knowledge of the type of campaigns and tactics which attract press coverage
  • Confident in speaking in national broadcast media (with training support)
  • Able to quickly synthesize information about new topics
  • A good networker, able to form relationships with innovators in the digital campaigning community
  • Can identify and resource the support activists need
  • Understands and connects with grassroots activists and trusts members to do good, creative work
  • Can think creatively in new ways to mobilise members to have an impact
  • Proficient with content creation tools (including video), crowdfunding and management of websites and social media feeds


  • Commitment to Human Rights
  • Commitment to Equal Opportunities
  • Commitment to the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV/HCV
  • Commitment to social justice
  • Commitment to participation and inclusion

Work Environment

The Network Developers will be expected to work closely with the ACT UP LONDON steering group when performing their roles, keeping the steering group informed and seeking their advice, support and direction where necessary. The ACT UP London Steering group will be responsible overseeing and managing the work of the Network Developers and will be the key support structure for the Network Developers.


Application questions: you will need to carefully read the requirements for the role below. Your letter should include answers to the following: How do you meet the essential criteria? How do you meet any of desired criteria? Where you do not fully meet desired criteria, what transferable skills and experience do you have that may be relevant? And how will you ensure you quickly learn and adapt to the full requirements of the role? Why do you think you are the best person for the job? How will you support the ACT UP LONDON campaigns? Please include evidence of your values and commitment to political change. Please attach your CV.


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