For Immediate Release – Activists condemn Chevron’s hypocritical sponsorship of AIDS 2016 conference


For Immediate Release -22/07/16 – Activists condemn Chevron’s hypocritical sponsorship of AIDS 2016 conference

On the final day of AIDS 2016 in Durban today, activists staged a protest at the corporate booth of conference sponsor, Chevron. Holding posters showing images of the environmental and health disasters caused by the huge petro-chemical company, they demanded an end to the hypocrisy of their sponsorship whilst they continue to undermine human rights and the environment around the world.

Chevron is a major contributor to climate change – an existential threat to global health – and is responsible for a large number of environmental catastrophes across Africa and Latin America. The consequences of its oil extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon have been described as ‘one of the worst oil related disasters on the planet’.

As well as having a devastating effect on the environment, poorly designed and badly managed oil extraction infrastructure has led to leaks and contamination that have caused serious health issues for the communities living nearby.

The protesters held images of environmental disasters caused by Chevron in Ecuador and Nigeria, as well as a photograph of a woman and her family who has endured sickness and disease as a result of the Chevron operations near her home. The posters read, st Diarmaid McDonald from ACT UP London called on Chevron and IAS to end their partnership.

We cannot allow Chevron to use its investment in HIV care for its workers – a basic corporate responsibility – to distract us from the significant, persistent and horrific consequences of its operating model on the health of people and the planet.

We demand that Chevron stop profiteering by exploiting poor communities and the environment and call on them to take full financial responsibility for the disasters they have caused. In particular we demand that they fully compensate all those who have developed health problems as a result of Chevron’s operations, and cease all operations in areas where they pose a threat to health.”

Finally we call on the International AIDS Society to end its relationship with Chevron, and cease to accept funding from corporations complicit in actions which undermine the fundamental right to health. We will be writing to the International AIDS Society today and we expect a prompt response.”


Contact: Diarmaid McDonald

For more on Chevron’s record on health and the environment please see: rights-impacts- of-oil- pollution-ecuador- 6

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