Welcome to ACT UP LONDON ‘Think In’ – Saturday July 2nd 2016 – Pls RSVP

ACT UP LONDON ‘Think In’ –  Saturday July 2nd 2016

ACT UP London is a diverse group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic. We are part of the global ACT UP network.

The ‘ACT UP LONDON Think-In’ is a gathering to strengthen our community and effectively strategy our campaigns, consciousness-raising, internal organising and communications for the rest of 2016. It is open to anyone who has been involved in any aspect of ACT UP LONDON and to people new to the community and committed to action.

We will be gathering from 10.30am – 6pm on Saturday July 2nd in Central London (venue tbc). People new to ACT UP LONDON please arrtive for 9.30am for an update. Wheelchair accessible and free. Please email actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com to attend and with any support you need. It will be followed by Saturday night fun!

About ACT UP LONDON – http://www.actuplondon.wordpress.com

In 2014, activist group ACT UP UK re-formed to help put HIV/AIDS back on the political agenda. Cuts to services, rising transmission levels, and the common mistaken belief that HIV was resolved in the 1980s have led some to name this current phase of the epidemic the ‘HIV Second Silence’. ACT UP London believes that in the context of vicious cuts to public health, and the co-option of both LGBTQ and migrant bodies into discourses of racism, we are at a critical moment for raising awareness and mobilising people around HIV/AIDS issues. ACT UP London collaborates with other groups including STOPAIDS, Positively UK and a loose coalition of activist groups.

ACT UP London creatively campaigns and takes direct action to help end the HIV / AIDS pandemic – here are some examples of our actions.

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