ACT UP for LOVE! Remember Orlando on the Stonewall Anniversary

ACT UP FOR LOVE @ Trafalgar Square June 2015 from Jeremy Goldstein for LAP on Vimeo.

The 28th of June 2016 is the 47th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising! “The event largely regarded as a catalyst for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) liberation movement for civil rights”, It’s astonishing therefore, that consensual same-sex relationships amongst adults are still widely criminalised in about a third of the world’s population. About 75 countries criminalise homosexuality, 53 of these are from the Commonwealth where all ofAfrican Rainbow Family members flee from following the wave of homophobia whipped against them.

As a result of this, African Rainbow Family and ACT UP LONDON have teamed up to commemorate and celebrate:

ACT UP FOR LOVE demands that The Prime Minister, David Cameron and his government, The Foreign Office and Department for International Development (DfID) should as a matter of urgency put their words into practice and act thus:

  1. Make available Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) nationwide to people who wish to have access to it; as promised by David Cameron.
  2. Protect LGBT asylum seekers, grant them sanctuary in the UK and shut down detention centres.
  3. Use their influence in engaging with the 40n out of the 53 Commonwealth countries that still criminalise consensual adult same-sex relationships to repeal such laws as the first step in changing cultural attitudes towards LGBT people.
  4. Adopt the recommendations of the newly published inquiry report into The UK’s stance on international breaches of LGBT rights by The All Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights (APPG LGBT).

We want to take their message of love, solidarity and struggle and ACT UP FOR LOVE in Trafalgar Square. Build a community committed to radical grassroots protests and empowerment for the whole community as all injustices are connected. “No single issue-struggle” – Audre Lorde.

[Pic – Gay Liberation Front rally in the aftermath of the Stonewall Riots Uprising, 1969]

 We will REALLY appreciate if you can sponsor one or more members of African Rainbow Family on this trip to celebrate diversity through song, dance, spoken words and sequins whilst challenging outdated perceptions, xenophobia, healthcare austerity and bigotry! We continually fight for justice and building a strong contingent to counter LGBT discrimination, austerity HIVphobia, gender based violence, anti-black racism, double standards of political and religious leaders and LGBT xenophobia that still continue to attack our community.

The £500 raised will help 17 people out of our 30 desperate members whom indicated their desire but have no means at all to attend the event; covering their coach return tickets (Manchester-London) and light refreshments.

Please donate generously on the crowdfunding page here, ask one or more of your friends to do same. Make it happen for us to:

Can you help? Will you chip in as little as £5.00?

Our members are predominately LGBTIQ asylum seekers who are not allowed to work, live on £35.00 weekly subsistence; hence it is incredibly difficult for us to meet travel and logistics costs from Manchester to London and be part of history not to let fall the passion, resistance and bravery of our brothers, sisters, siblings who fought for the rights we enjoy now! They demanded “equality for homosexuals”, “Gay Power” and “Freedom Now”!

Full list of performers and Speakers to be announced

ACT UP FOR LOVE is organised by African Rainbow Family ( and ACT UP London (

For more details, or to register your interest in speaking, mobilising and for all press enquiries at ACT UP FOR LOVE please contact or on Twitter @ACTUP_LDN 

With LOVE and THANKS to the London Artists Projects, Ed Hall, Stop the HIV Cuts, Queer Strike, Positively UK, Positive East, Movement for Justice, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and everyone else organising for true LGBTQIA+ FREEDOM!


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