ACT UP Sisters would like to invite you and your movement to a meeting to discuss building an HIV+ feminist fashion show like no other!


When: Tuesday 23rd February from 6-8pm

Where: Positively UK, 345 City Road, London EC1V 1LR


Please find the initial ideas below. We would love to hear your thoughts. Please email actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com to RSVP and any questions at all.

The venue is wheelchair accessible and please feel free to share this invitation to your networks.


Love and solidarity,

ACT UP Sisters www.actuplondon.wordpress.com




Our Demand: 


We demand a National policy with minimum standards that protect women specific services; providing equal access to services for all women, upholding the rights and health of women and enhancing our community participation.




Government service cuts = Inability to access required essential services = Denial of women’s health services/institutional violence = Increasing the risk of GBV violence, mental ill-health and HIV = Denial of women’s fundamental human rights = Vulnerability and increasing inequality risks = Constraining women’s empowerment and impeding sustainable development




  1. Be visible and speak for ourselves
  2. Present a report telling our stories and outlining our ideas on how to connect services and provide a pathway for the interconnected issues women face
  3. Remind the government of its commitment to CEDAW and human rights
  4. The elimination of institutional violence against women in the form of cuts to services.


Beneficiaries: Women who are living with or have faced the interconnected issues of systemic violence through cuts to services. Women who have an interest in women’s health and rights and would like to be involved


Direct impact of the evening:


  • We want to feel empowered to be involved in the issues that affect us, especially with regard to policy decisions regarding our health and wellbeing
  • We want to develop a network of women and create a space for us to skill ourselves up and mentor one another to take direct action on the issues that affect us
  • We want to connect women, encourage, empower, inform, mobilize and take regular direct action to ensure we continue to have the essential services we require to promote our health and rights


Activities and duration:


May 28th – this is the international day of action for women’s health.


We will have an evening fashion show where women express themselves in their hair, make-up, and clothing while telling our collective stories. The idea is to celebrate our lives and strength. We are more than our challenges we also have fun.


Afterwards women will be paired with a mentor to take direct action on an area of passion on women’s health.

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