Fight AIDS, Not Migrants First Public Meeting! Tuesday 23rd February 7-9pm

Fight AIDS, Not Migrants First Public Meeting!

Tuesday 23rd February 7-9pm  – Central London tbc. – email to register your interest!. Click here for the facebook page. Please share with everyone you think will appreciate. 

Two weeks on from the launch of ‘Silence = 40 – In the name of David Kato’, ACT UP London is proudly united in anger to launch ‘Fight AIDS, Not Migrants’, a revival of ACT UP New York’s 1991 campaign aimed at diverting the government’s attention onto the first AIDS crisis. In London 2016, we find our country at war with itself, and with populations world over whose lives we are contributing to tearing apart for our own government’s own selfish gains.

‘Fight AIDS, Not Migrants’ is an open campaign, working collaboratively with any group dedicated to combating the manufactured climate of hatred the Conservative government has instigated, through its over arching ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. The campaign brief is below for a fuller explanation of what’s in store.


Dani and ACT UP London

07904 328 060

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Fight AIDS, Not Migrants’ So Far…

ACT UP New York – ‘Fight AIDS, Not Arabs’:

January 23rd, 1991 – The Day of Desperation

Early morning protests took place downtown Manhattan with AIDS activists protesting the government’s involvement in the Gulf War to the exclusion of vital interests at home. That afternoon – 17:00 rush hour – Grand Central Station was filled with demonstrators protesting under the banners: “Money for AIDS, Not for War” and “One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes” see ‘United in Anger’ film trailer here.

2003 Update

As the US spends tens of billions of dollars on a pre-emptive war in the Persian Gulf, we demand that this money be spent on the real and global priority: HEALTHCARE.

AIDS is a clear and present danger to all of humanity… This year, while the US focuses on manufactured threats in Iraq and paranoid terrorist attacks at home, it is certain that AIDS will kill more than 3 million people… THREE MILLION DEATHS… THIS YEAR!

The US thinks of itself as the most powerful country on earth, and it has a clear choice to make. It can provide healthcare to its citizens… Or it can choose to act arrogantly and unilaterally, dictating regime changes and re-drawing maps to serve its own narrowly defined interests.

A war on AIDS can be won. This must be the real priority. This is why we demand: Money for AIDS, Not for War!


London! Does this sound familiar?

In 2016, ACT UP London launches ‘Fight AIDS, Not Migrants,’ a continuation of ACT UP New York’s Gulf War campaign. Through direct action, ‘Fight AIDS, Not Migrants’ will redirect the British government’s interest to where it should be focused: on providing universal healthcare for all; offering security, compassion and practical support to those driven from their home countries by manufactured wars; ceasing its exorbitant military campaign on the middle east and redirecting the funds into propping up the overstretched NHS, reinstating the £200million cuts to national HIV services, and combating the HIV crisis which is endemic in Britain.

Through its racist, xenophobic, divisive policies, the current Conservative government has rendered itself at the mercy of Multinational Corporations, resulting in a systematically bred culture of aversion and hatred directed at those forced out of war-torn countries abroad; bodies are big-business commodities, and those who are not part of the system are deemed worthless and undesirable by the state. Through cuts to services which help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants settle in Britain and contribute to society, displaced individuals and families find that after the trauma of being driven from their homes, making the perilous journey across Europe, and reaching the British borders, their traumas are far from over.

Fight AIDS, Not Migrants’ is a collaborative campaign between ACT UP and any organisation focused on smashing the anti-immigration status quo of British culture; the cuts to HIV and NHS services; the ‘reshuffling’ of the NHS structure to the detriment of the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals dedicated to providing impartial, universal healthcare; and the senseless pouring of precious financial public resources into fighting a battle which this Government has no right to dictate. We will stage direct actions to oppose government policy, culminating in our own ‘Day of Desperation’ later this year.

Get involved in the coalition – email to be added to the mailing list.

Come meet us all this coming Saturday at our next action ‘Peckham Pride’ this Saturday, February 20th at 12 noon and there is also ‘Safe Haven – Should Britain do more to help LGBTQI Refugees?’ this Thursday organised by UKLGIG and friends. 

Fight AIDS, Not Migrants. ACT UP; Fight Back; Fight AIDS!

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