ARE U REAAAADDDYYYYYY?! ACT UP LONDON & THE GLORY Present – ‘Gladiators’ – HIV Valentines Special. 11.02.16.

ARE U REAAAADDDYYYYYY for This Thursdays (11th February) – ACT UP LONDON & THE GLORY Present – ‘Gladiators’ – HIV Valentines Special.

Reserve your ticket by emailing or turn up at the door! All press requests to the same address.

Facebook page click here – all details at and our campaign newsletter here

‘HIV/ HEP Gladiators’ is a sports entertainment show where members of the public battle it out with ACT UP London’s activists to earn points in an array of events that tests their speed, strength, stamina, skill and commitment to ending the HIV / HEPC pandemic. The winning members of the public get to go on a date with a Gladiator of their choice.

ACT UP Gladiators to be followed by hi-glam, anthemic retro trash-rock and queer-core musical sesh! GET READY EVERYONE!
Everyone in the audience MUST come in Lycra and spandex

Please invite all those you think will appreciate!

Doors 5pm / Show 8pm / £5 on the door / / The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS London, United Kingdom

Let’s meet the GLADIATORS!


Small, wiry and built to withstand a holocaust, this feisty young Jew can take on Goliath any day of the lunar calendar. Kid Yid is sick and tired of the lashon hara spread in the diaspora about HIV stigma. With a hard right hook, KID YID may be one of the chosen people, but you’ll be counting your teeth and your blessings after stepping into the ring with this fighter.


Muscle Mary is a Chemsex Queen. Three throbbing 10 inchers is just breakfast for our Mary. But all Mary really wants is soulmate and kittens to stroke by the fire. “I’ll hold you a thigh lock before I hold you in my heart,” says Mary.


Sabrina is sick and tired of white gay men dominating the HIV / HEPC discussion and is ready to dominate any fucker who doesn’t recognise that the fight to end the HIV pandemic is a fight for racial equality. Test your white privilege at your own risk.


“Doctor, Doctor; I feel like a stigmatized person with HIV who has been ostracised from the community by my diagnosis!” This Doctor doesn’t joke. And whilst he may not have an approved licence to practice medicine, he’s on a mission to cure attitudes towards minorities affected by HIV. With his fists. 


Charming, sweet and kindly, this young Catholic castrato was born in and raised in England. Not long out of his private school education, Eustace has simple life goals: to build a fourteen foot high wall around this Blessed Country, to criminalize all migration under the penalty of death, and to lock up anyone with HIV, HepC and all transmutable diseases which aren’t natively British, in concentration camps. He’ll fight ‘til from his bones his flesh be hacked (or until Daddy stops paying his rent).


The almighty feminist creator of the entire physical universe. Having created the world, she now spends her time fighting and challenging the patriarchal systems, that oppress all women and men. She is eternally pissed off that in this wold she has created, injustice is widespread. She will unleash her wrath on capitalist practices, that allow HIV and HCV to thrive.


Chlamydia May is the bitch daughter of some other bitch. She’s so fucking ignorant, next to her, Katie Hopkins looks like souped-up Naomi Klein. If you agreed with her on anything you would be well and truly wrong. In Chlamydia’s world, there’s no migrant crisis, no HCV or HIV pandemic, or epidemic-anything. She is apathetic, compliant, tabloid following, and utterly unengaged in the real goings-on in society. Only Hannah Arendt could find her curiously interesting. She likes handbags she can’t afford and gays as trophies. She is fluent in ‘idiot’ but the hair on Trump’s head has more to say than she ever did. She will bore all her opponents to death, draining precious life forces from all living creatures within her range. Stupidity HAS NO LIMITS!


This Queen of the legal high is always stocked with enough poppers to last out a life sentence in prison and any government attempt to ban fun. Raised on a filthy diet of critical theory and polymorphous perversion, she travels the world confronting conservative and facistic efforts to divide and conquer, spreading love and joy with her signature wrecking ball of pleasure. Tonight she’s so high she doesn’t know where she is, but she’s ecstatic to be here. GO, POPPERS, GO!

Come and battle it out with ACT UP Gladiators and vejazzle stigma, expose the bare naked cuts to HIV/HEP C services and celebrate the anger, sweatiness and fabulous fierceness of the community living with HIV and HepC in the UK.

Proceeds go to grassroots HIV creative activism to challenge the Government’s brutal cuts to HIV support programmes.

Everyone in the audience MUST come in Lycra and spandex.

ACT UP London is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic. See our latest show here – ‘ACT UP LONDON presents HIV / HEP Blind Date’
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