Apply here – HIV activism Press Training – hosted by Positively UK and ACT UP LONDON

Friday 29th January 6.30-9pm – ‘Club Room’ (which is upstairs and immediately on the right) Young Vic Theatre, 66 The Cut, London SE1 8LZ – nearest tube station is Waterloo or Southwark – fully wheelchair accessible. Text Danny on 07725402263 if you get lost. All details at

HIV activism Press Training – hosted by Positively UK and ACT UP LONDON – Facebook page click here

‘READ ALL ABOUT IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT! The British Government is creating an HIV / AIDS crisis!’

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HIV activism Press training will prepare us for:

  • interviews,
  • press events how to create effective press strategies including press releases
  • speaking to the press
  • organising press strategy for pre, during and post action 
  • increasing our skills to deal with mainstream media – being able to control our own messaging is a crucial form of power…..

Those skills are  essential for raising awareness about our issues, influencing public opinion, enabling people to be their own vehicles for communication and creating mass legitimacy for people’s activism on an issue of concern.

’Why wait until the media catches on the important issues of the HIV ‘Second Silence’? Let’s create our own!

This discussion is designed to strengthen the confidence, competence and commitment of new and older HIV activists to speak to press and organise press and media communications strategies. Everyone who is committed to creative grassroots activists to help end the HIV / AIDS ‘Second Silence’ is welcome. It is free to attend but donations are welcome. The venue is fully accessible.

Please email with a few sentences on who you are, your interests and what skills you have to contribute. Deadline 16th January 2015. There are very limited places.

ACT UP LONDON 2016 Campaigns

  • Fuck 4 Pharmaceuticals – confronting the extortionate rise in drug prices.
  • Challenging the cuts to women’s domestic violence services
  • Campaigning against the 76 countries where homosexuality is still illegal –  as, most likely, HIV transmission levels are higher due to increased fear and stigma and diminished HIV specific services.
  • ‘Fight AIDS not Migrants’ – challenge government priorities to fund war not healthcare and access to medication as well as to support HIV+ migrants in the UK.

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