Apply Here – Friday 15th January 6.30-9pm – The Politics of intersectional HIV activism – all injustices are connected!

Friday 15th January 6.30-9pm – ‘Positively UK’ – 345 City Road London EC1V 1LR – (nearest tube – Angel) – text dan on 07717811747 if you get lost!

The Politics of intersectional HIV activism – all injustices are connected! All details at http://www.actuplondon.wordpress.comFacebook event page click here

A forum on intersectional activism to create effective HIV / AIDS activism

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‘Perverts!’ ‘Lepers!’ ‘You brought it on yourself’ Sluts! are just some of the charming comments people living with HIV still have to deal with today. So how do we respond? How can we create safe relationships,  with true intimacy and sexual autonomy that will forever change the way we think about relationships, sex, shame, and identity?

ACT UP LONDON and Positively UK organise to help put HIV/AIDS back on the political agenda. Cuts to services, rising transmission levels and the mistaken belief that HIV was resolved in the 1980s have led some to call our time the ‘HIV Second Silence’.

HIV does not happen in a vacuum. The virus is well known to have disproportionately impacted already marginalised communities – including people of colour, working class women, and the LGBTQI community. Governments across the world have deepened this marginalisation in recent years, however the spread of HIV/AIDS is preventable. Pharmaceutical greed and government inaction is what stands in the way.

Large pharmaceuticals reap massive profits from limiting access to drugs, and states reap political benefits from the vicious dynamics of class, race, gender, and migration status that are created by inadequate access to treatment. The ‘Second Silence’ we face has been created by a worldwide tendency to place profits over people, treatment, and care decimating health care services everywhere, and further entrenching discrimination, hierarchy, and stigma. 

“I want to speak  about POWER, the driving force behind the, HIV epidemic today. Where power resides, the epidemic recedes. Where power does not, the virus thrives. Today the virus thrives.” Louise Binder – International Community of Women Living with HIV

This discussion is designed to strengthen the confidence, competence and commitment of new and older HIV activists as they engage with one another across cultures. Everyone who is committed to creative grassroots activists to help end the HIV / AIDS ‘Second Silence’ is welcome. It is free to attend but donations are welcome. The venue is fully accessible.

Please email with a few sentences on who you are, your interests and what skills you have to contribute. Deadline 9th January 2015. There are very limited places.

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