ACT UP LONDON Action Dates for your Diary – Love, Anger and Pharmaceutical Greed

Hey Act Up-ers!

We’ve had a very busy last few weeks over at Act Up towers, with no less than 4 key actions in the pipeline for imminent delivery! This is as well as the 9 other campaigns currently being fought on all the other fronts. If you are new or old to ACT UP, have no fear, please email to get involved. We need all hands on decks! 

So Key dates for your diary!

1 -Thursday 12th November 6.30-8pm – Love, Anger and Pharmaceutical Greed – ACT UP LONDON Action Planning! Welcome for all who want to get stuck in with the following events and actions! Meet outside Brixton Tube station (Victoria Line) at 6pm – or text 07717811747 to get the exact address in advance. Please email to find the venue details!

2 – Tuesday 1st December – HIV / HEP C Blind Date at The Glory!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.41.57

After our first hugely successful event at The Glory, Cilla and Act Up are back on World AIDS Day with another episode of HIV / HEP C Blind Date. We will vejazzle stigma, expose the bare naked cuts to HIV/HEP C services and celebrate the anger, sweatiness and fabulous fierceness of the community living with HIV and HepC in the UK. More contestants and glamorous assistants are needed! So if you need some extra love in your life or you just love getting dolled up for the stage, get in touch with to get involved!

3 – Thursday 10th December evening – ‘ACT UP LONDON World AIDS Day AIDStravaganza’ Hackney Attic – 270 Mare St, London E8 1HE  

AIDS, Art and Activism – We Are Still Not Silent! – Please sign up to the facebook event page here!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.10.08

Design the new generation of ACT UP Art – with a host of incredible artists, activists, cabaret performers and speakers on taking to the streets until there is an HIV / AIDS Cure for all.

In the weeks leading up to World AIDS Day 2015, ACT UP London is reaching out to artists in the city and beyond, to integrate new designs and visual subversion into the contemporary fight against HIV. Our closing date for submissions is Tuesday December 1, World AIDS Day. In true Turner Prize style, a winner and two runners-up will be selected and announced at ACT UP’s ‘AIDStravaganza’ event on December 10. The winners will have their design made into the official ACT UP London merch!!!!

The art and branding of Aids Coalition To Unleash Power captured the imagination during the 1980 / 1990’s first crisis – with such amazing groups as Gran Fury. 30 years later and HIV / AIDS still rages across the world. We are now in the ‘Second Silence’. Here in the UK, thanks to (1) the £200 million Government cuts to HIV education, prevention and support services (2) the record-level rise in transmission levels and (3) unregulated pharmaceutical greed – we need to fight back! To do this we are calling for all artists to help design the new logos and designs of the new ACT UP era of activism. ACT UP LONDON’s World AIDS Day AIDStravaganza will involve a panel of artists, activists, game-changers and subvertisers to choose the new designs, vejazzled performers, life-drawing, outrageous cabaret and free and fabulous graffiti stencils for you to take to the streets to expose the bare naked cuts to services and celebrate the anger, sweatiness and fabulous fierceness of the community living with HIV and HepC in the UK.

Fight the HIV Second Silence! ACT UP! Fight AIDS! Fight Back!

4 – Friday 11th December – Hep C Protest.

Act Up London, along with our allies, will be protesting in London to fight against the extortionate and inaccessible prices of Hepatitis C treatment conjured up by the large wealthy pharmaceutical companies. The NHS are denying a cure to Hep C patients because they simply can’t afford the outrageous prices set by companies like Gilead Sciences Inc. We will be showing them the damage that they are doing to the millions of people living with Hep C and demanding cuts to the price of treatment by parodying pharmaceutical employees and setting up a market in the street, butchering [wasted animals] livers and selling them to the NHS and the general public for massive private profits with regular 5,000% price hikes.

5 – January 2016 – Fuck For Pharmaceuticals.

Act Up London will make a record breaking attempt to hold Britains largest protest orgy! People are going to have sex whether the bigots like it or not, and the healthcare and related support services need to be ready and accessible to everyone before, during and after they need it. We will get hundreds of people fucking in the street and protesting against the cuts to services, access to meds like PrEP and raising awareness of the rising transmission rates of HIV and Hep C. This November we will practising outside pharmaceutical conferences complicit in raising the price of drugs – to get ready for the full-blown action in January!

We need to get organised and get these shows on the road! So if you want to be involved in any of the working groups needed to make these actions happen, send your interest to

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 19.02.58


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