Welcome to HIV Blind Date! – Hosted by ACT UP LONDON!


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By Act Up (‘Aids Coalition To Unleash Power’) London. Non-for-profit event by people living with and affected by HIV.

‘HIV Blind Date’ – A Double Tribute to Cilla Black and HIV activism! In mid-October 2015, using the format of Blind Date we will explode stigma, expose the cuts to services, and celebrate the beauty, strength and diversity of PLWHIV in the UK.

There are on-stage and off-stage roles. The issues the show will tackle are being shaped by the community of people living with HIV, their friends and allies. Please feed-in what you feel are the most urgent topics to tackle publicly (outdated stigma? Refugees and hiv issues? Austerity?…)

Please get in touch with tilly.gifford@gmail.com 07717887221 to arrange to have a cup of tea and discuss your input and suggestions. Please consider this a vehicle for delivering truths, your truths. We are not turning you into characters. You tell us what you want to talk about, we’ll build the frame of the show around it.

As per the Blind Date Format, one contestant will ask the same question of 3 people. (examples: “What’s the most surprising response to telling people?”, “What’s the best thing HIV has brought you?”)

The three people will answer one by one with anecdotes from their own experiences of living with HIV ( from a range of ages and backgrounds,…).

Personal snippets of stories will illustrate the diversity and strength of the community, and the issues we face. Overall the flavours will be hilarity and celebration, with background dancers, music and much applause.

The outcome of the show is not romantic dating. We are using Cilla Black as a TV household name and her format, to tease out the stories the public must know about.

The show will be live and filmed, so it can reach a wider audience.

We are looking for 12-16 contestants on stage, as well as as many people as possible to feed in ideas. There are many other off-stage roles too (social media, costumes, ….).

HIV Blind Date will be run as a pioneering informative show to fill with love and strength all those living with and affected by HIV. All money raised goes to HIV activist groups challenging cuts to Government HIV support programmes.

Please get in touch with Tilly for more details on tilly.gifford@gmail.com or 07717887221

Or actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com


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