30.09.2015 – Ku Bar Soho 6.30pm – ACT UP LONDON Host ‘United in Anger’ film

ACT UP LONDON Host ‘United in Anger’ film with Q + A with London’s leading HIV activists and visionaries. Full panel below. 

Venue and Time – Wednesday September 30th – Kuklub Basement – 30 Lisle Street, Soho, London, WC2H 0NE (nearest tube – Leicester Square) – to start at 6.30pm – see map here – Facebook page here

About the film –  ‘United in Anger: A History of ACT UP’ is an inspiring documentary about the birth and life of the AIDS activist movement from the perspective of the people in the trenches fighting the epidemic. Utilising oral histories of members of ACT UP, as well as rare archival footage, the film depicts the efforts of ACT UP as it battles corporate greed, social indifference, and government neglect.


A new report published by Public Health England (PHE) today (18 November 2014), in advance of National HIV Testing Week, shows that there are now nearly 110,000 people living with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) in the UK. Around a quarter of these (26,100) are unaware of their infection and at risk of passing on the virus to others through unprotected sex. Encouragingly, the proportion of people diagnosed with a late stage of HIV infection fell from 57% in 2004 to 42% in 2013. The report shows around 6% of gay and bisexual men are now living with HIV, rising to 13% in London – with 3,250 newly diagnosed in 2013, an all-time annual high.


Bisi Alimi  Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 19.54.29

Bisi Alimi is an internationally renowned researcher, television pundit, campaigner and community builder with expertise in sexual health and human and LGBT rights. Bisi went from being an anti-gay proselytiser, preaching hellfire and damnation to those who strayed, to the first Nigerian to come out on national TV and a world-renowned AIDS activist and the co-founder UK-based Rainbow Intersection. Find Bisi at www.bisialimi.com

Silvia Petretti Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 20.03.53

Silvia Petretti is Deputy Chief Executive Officer for ‘Positively UK’, a leading provider of peer support to people living with HIV’. Silvia is a woman living with HIV and an advocate for the human rights of people living with HIV. She was diagnosed in 1997 has been openly living with HIV since 2005, believing it is a powerful way to challenge the stigma and prejudice around HIV. In her professional life, Silvia is Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Positively UK, a leading provider of peer support to people living with HIV, as well as current chair of the UK Community Advisory Board, the network for community HIV treatment advocates. Find Silvia atwww.hivpolicyspeakup.wordpress.com and her recent brilliant interview here – ‘How bright is the future for those living with HIV in the UK?’

Michelle Ross Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 20.19.22

Michelle Ross is Co-founder of cliniQ – a team of friendly and open health & well-being professionals and trans* community members, who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of trans* people, their partners and friends. Michelle is Co-lead on service development, with an overview of how our services work holistically for our clients. She has been involved with sexual health, HIV & well-being since 1988 with Terrence Higgins Trust. Michelle is a BACP accredited counsellor; she began her training in the 1980s receiving her first counselling certificate in 1989 at London Lighthouse. Find Michelle at www.cliniq.org.uk

Representative from STOP AIDS – Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 20.22.45

With 80 organisational members behind them, STOPAIDS raises a united voice to rally and maintain the UK’s leadership in the global response to HIV. Together with people living with HIV, STOP AIDS fight for a global response that respects, protects and fulfils human rights. Find STOPAIDS at www.stopaids.org.uk/


ACT UP London is a diverse group of individuals united in anger. We are committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic. We are committed to fighting to end all inequalities and injustices that perpetuate it. We are part of the global ACT UP network.

In 2014 activist group ACT UP London re-formed to help put HIV/AIDS back on the political agenda. Cuts to services, rising transmission levels and the general mistaken belief that HIV was resolved in the 1980s have led some to name this time the ‘HIV Second Silence’. ACT UP LONDON this year are building a range of fierce campaigns to put an end to the ‘second silence’ – these include. (1) HIV, women and self-determination (2) Supporting and welcoming HIV migrants (3) HIV education in schools (4) Fighting the cuts to HIV prevention, education and support services for people living with HIV (5) Confronting the price of HIV / AIDS drugs which includes a demand to re-prioritise Government medical needs include free PREP for all.

We will be sharing information on the night for how to get involved in all the campaigns. ACT UP! FIGHT BACK! FIGHT AIDS! 

Supported by – 

Doctors of the World
Positively UK

More to come.

Please get in touch on actuplondonfighttilltheend@gmail.com to RSVP as there are limited spaces.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 06.26.28

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