ACT UP LONDON Campaign Summer Fair

When Aids Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) are not occupying the Home Office’s reception against racist HIV-phobic policies, dumping half a tonne of manure on UKIP’s front door or dancing to ‘We Are Family’ in Nigel Farage’s pub against HIV stigma and a whole lot more – you can find us eating together, learning from each other, making friends, laughing and plotting more adventures to end HIV / AIDS in our lifetime. If HIV is something which tears your heart and you want to do something about it then come to the ‘ACT UP Activism Fair’ and meet the organiser behind each of our 2015 / 2016 campaigns. An informal setting with food, good people and a few sparkling performances to end the day – this will be an afternoon like no other – just pop in! If you would like to contribute food, performances or your time for the day please get in touch. Candy floss is very welcome.

Please email ACT UP ( to RSVP or just turn up! Please spread the word to all those you think are interested. Please sign up to the facebook page here and share with everyone you think will be interested!


1. HIV, Women and Self-Defence – Get on the catwalk and protest against stigma relating to women and HIV and send a message to politicians that cuts to women’s services which perpetuate gender-based violence will not be tolerated. See ‘Women Know Best’ for more info

2. Price of Drugs – Expose pharmaceutical companies who are actively preventing access and development of current HIV treatments / new drugs and generic drugs. Get involved with a theatrical stunt to send a message loud and clear to the profit-making pharmaceutical companies led by people living and affected by HIV. See more from ‘The Missing Medicines’ Campaign

3. Equals=equals the HIV Anti-Stigma Campaign – Want to put ‘HiV Stigma’ up the political agenda? Meet the ACT UP activists making some mischievous high-profile plans. See the Equals=Equals facebook page for more info

4. Professionalisation of HIV – Sick of the undemocratic, quasi-transparent HIV NGO juggernaut depoliticising HIV activism on the ground and cosy-ing up to the Tory government with huge salaries? Well let’s do something about it. Come here to find out more. Read ‘Where Pigs Fly’ for more information

5. Anti cuts to HIV education. Prevention and support services – is it okay that the Government budget just introduced £200 million cuts to frontline sexual health (including HIV) support services whilst HIV transmission levels are growing to unprecedented levels amongst certain communities? No – we didn’t think so either! See ‘What has the Chancellor got against Sexual Health’ for more info.

6. HIV Education in Schools – ‘If the government aren’t going to do it –ACT UP will!’ – Get involved with this brilliant group of ACT UP educators, artists and activists designing a pioneering D.I.Y. education programme for schools across the UK. Read ‘The Government is failing us on HIV’ for more info.

7. Support HIV Migrants – Want to support migrants living with HIV+ to access services without fear? Think it is disgusting that people are too afraid to access their fundamental human rights of universal healthcare in 2015? Well get involved in this action planning to share this message with the Government. Read We Asked Foreign Born British HIV Patients About Nigel Farage’s ‘Health Tourist’ Comments’ for more info!

8. ACT UP FOR LOVE – In 2015 ACT UP FOR LOVE was launched in Trafalgar Square by world-reknowned artists and activists wanting to bring together everyone involved in HIV activism and shine a light on the key issues of our time. The event attracted support from many people including Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party. The format was a 2 hour event mixing photo call, and speakers from politics, and reps from HIV communities. If our goal is to ‘fight for a cure for everyone living with HIV / AIDS in our lifetime’ we must celebrate how far we have come and build strength for how far we have to go. Due to it’s success – we will continue and organise for 2016! 

9. SHAFTED?! is an unashamedly deviant HIV cabaret and activism movement to stop the HIV ‘Second Silence’ (1) and in tribute to the activism of ‘Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)’. The show combines dance, performance, live music, stunts and spoken word to tell true life stories of people living with and affected by the virus. It is part of a wider body of activism combining workshops, mentoring schemes and direct actions UK-wide, in response to austerity cuts and the silence around the epidemic. Here’s the 2013 Show and the 2014 Show Behind the Scenes

“Shafted?! – a gutsy, mischievous but truly activist cabaret about Aids.” Mary Brennan, Dance Critic, Herald Scotland.

Get involved to find out more!

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