UKIP forced to leave London offices after HIV activists dump horse s**t outside

For Immediate Release – Sunday 14th December 2014

UKIP forced to leave London offices after HIV activists dump horse s**t outside

UKIP has been kicked out their offices in Croydon, after a group of HIV activists dumped a pile of horse manure outside on World AIDS Day(1). The party’s local chairman Winston McKenzie announced yesterday to Steven Downes of Inside Croydon that the protest “was the last straw” for their office owners – and UKIP will have to find a new home (2). 

ACT UP London staged a protest outside UKIPS’s Croydon North and Lambeth office last week in reaction to ‘bulls**t offensive statements by UKIP on HIV. UKIP leader Nigel Farage said in October, when asked whether which kinds of people should be allowed to enter the UK“People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start. (3)”

ACTUP Photo 1 - standing

An email to party members said: “I have recently been informed by our Deputy Chairman, Barry Slayford, that after careful consideration and advice from the Police, who he informs me have been very specific, Barry Slayford is no longer willing to allow his premises to be used to accommodate UKIP Branch meetings... Any Meetings that were scheduled for December are now cancelled with immediate effect…The matter has been referred to the R.O., Paul Oakley. On Monday morning I will notify the Party Chairman accordingly.” UKIP local chairman Winston McKenzie (4)

Anne Slattery, local resident, said – “We can’t say we’re overcome with sympathy having heard UKIP are being evicted from this local London office. They’ve expended a great deal of energy sowing division between neighbours and hostility against minorities. Croydon will be a lot better off without them.”

Dan Glass, ACT UP activist responded – “Christmas has come early! UKIP being kicked out of the South London office is a victory not only for the ordinary public, but a success for direct action protest in times of severe austerity and right-wing extremism. We celebrate the fact that for the rest of 2014 this shambolic organisation cannot continue to suggest that people with HIV be excluded from the UK.” 

Silvia Petretti Deputy CEO Positively UK said –“I’ve seen the impact of HIV stigma in our communities. HIV stigma kills, it creates a barrier to testing and accessing treatment and care that allows people to live long lives with HIV.  Because of stigma we still have so many people unaware of their status or being diagnosed too late. It is important that politicians support our efforts to end stigma. It is appalling that in this day and age many of us who live with HIV are still afraid, ashamed and lonely. This is why we had to resolve to take direct action.”

Fernando Mariano ACT UP activist added – “UKIP’s office eviction just reinforces our original message: ‘what goes around comes around’. If you marginalise and exclude people from support, it will come back at you. Our message is very clear: We won’t stand-aside while UKIP oppress the most vulnerable, we will fight back.”

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Photos – Mike Kear and Danius Monoceros

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