Say No to Charges for the NHS – Stop the Health Care Clauses in the Immigration Bill!

The proposed Immigration Bill, currently before the House of Lords, would create a two-tiered Health Service — instituting unprecedented charges for primary & emergency care.

  • Do we want the Home Office monitoring our healthcare?
  • Should we have to prove our identity before treatment in A&E??

These discriminatory, intrusive & misguided measures will NOT save costs — they will discourage people from seeking medical treatment, increase rates of HIV infection, & harm our public health. Read this report for more details!

ACT UP London is mounting a campaign to strike out Clauses 33 & 34. Join the fight at our next


Tuesday 25th March at 6.30 pm

RSVP to for location information. 

– No one is an island – Keep healthcare free for all!

– The virus doesn’t discriminate, why should the NHS?

Follow us on Twitter @ACTUP_LDN & Like our Facebook Page SPREAD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL NETWORKS!!

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